Mission Statement

Duson Police CarThe mission of Duson Police Department is to uphold the rule of law, maintain order, prevent and detect crimes, facilitate tourism, preserve peace and provide for a safe environment in Duson by working in partnership with the community and neighboring Police Agencies


In pursuance of our mission, we shall:
Discharge our duties with a sense of service, impartiality, fearlessness and exemplary integrity Protect the life and property of all citizens giving special care to issues related to the underprivileged sections of the society, environment and cultural heritage of the people.

Efficiently assist rescue and relief work during disaster, regulate traffic and maintain order on roads as well as facilitate a safe and happy journey for the pilgrims and other tourists visiting and journey through Duson.

Strive to win the trust and co-operation of the community by being a disciplined, responsible and transparent police that is polite, courteous and people friendly.

Professionally, strive relentlessly to be an alert and a modern police which respects human rights and is always smartly turned out.

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