Duson Neighborhood WatchProtect you property by secure and store them out of site to any would be thief.

Form a partnership with your neighbor, looking out for each others home and property.

Keep watch for fraud/scams: protect your home by only letting license and bonded contractors preform any works. Do not pay a contractor until the job is completed, if a contractor as for money upfront, he is most likely not a reputable business person.

Check scams: if you receive a check for something you did not earn, it’s probably a scam. if you are ask to send back a portion it’s definitely a scam.

Computer related scam: largest scam on the market, cherish your identity in e-mail, Facebook, or any social site. The thief will use your identity and create an on-line account or perhaps, use your identity to meet others and defraud them of valuables.

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